10 Best Baby Books in 2020 – Reviews

Intended for children between the age of 1 and 3 years, this book of ‘First 100 Words’ is perfect for preschoolers. Including a variety of vibrant, colorful pictures and first words, this board book will help your child learn quickly. With over 100 colored images to look at, the book comes with 100 first words that are simple and easy to grasp. Made from high-quality, thick board, the book comes with a soft padded cover that is gentle and easy to hold.

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Finding The Right Baby Book

Even though most baby books are reasonably well written and packed with plenty of interesting illustrations, some are definitely better than others on account of the colors, fonts, and of course, subject matter. What you want to do is to take the time and figure out what type of book would work best with your baby and whether not you should see such a purchase as a short-term investment. Not just that but the book should also be sturdy enough to withstand its fair share of abuse considering that it occasionally be handled by the baby as well. That said, here is what you need to consider when getting yourself a baby book for the first time.

Cute Pictures

A decent baby book should feature plenty of colorful and interesting pictures for your baby to look at. If the illustrations are of high quality, chances are that your baby will pay more attention to your reading, thus helping him/her develop a finer understanding of routine, empathy, and better eyesight as well. If you can, look around for books that have pictures that resemble your baby’s favorite toys or animals for obvious reasons.

Interesting Topics

Another thing to consider is whether the book deals with an interesting subject matter to draw the attention of your baby in the first place. It seems that in this regard, books dealing with stories regarding animals are by far the most popular and understandably so. Then again, an interesting topic will also help when reading the story for a second or third time, leading you to eventually learn the story by heart so that you may then relay it to the baby by heart.

Sturdy Construction

Bearing in mind that baby books are sometimes handled by babies as well as adults, you’re going to have to find one that’s designed to withstand a lot of abuse before showing any signs of damage. Fortunately enough, many of the popular baby books are built to be rather sturdy and durable. It isn’t that uncommon for these types of books to feature plastic covers and thicker pages. In fact, some of these books even have all their pages wrapped up in plastic for good measure.

Why Should I Read To My Baby?

If your baby is capable of formulating complex sounds of any kind, you should definitely consider reading them not only bedtime stories but any text that they might find interesting. Past the grunting stage, babies are starting to develop the cognitive functions that would later be required to learn speech. During this time, you want to introduce them to books and what they represent, while establishing a bonding routine that both the baby and the parents can enjoy.

  • Developing Routine – As we said, bedtime storytime isn’t only about the story itself but also about the bonding and the routine. Even though the baby may be too young to understand what exactly is being read to them, they will definitely respond positively to practice itself if it’s done regularly. Over time, it will develop into a soothing ritual that both the parents and the baby will look forward to, especially if new books are introduced ever so often.
  • Learning How To Talk – The act of reading out loud to your baby will help the little one develop the capacity to make up words themselves. While in the beginning, the baby will settle on just hearing you talk, you will notice over time that they will start to join in. The process will, of course, involve a lot of incoherent noises, but then again, this is more or less what you want from the baby in the first place. As a matter of fact, it is scientifically proven that reading to a baby can help them pick up rhythm, tones, and inflections, which are all precursors to developing actual speech.
  • Improving Eyesight – We already talked about the importance of illustrations in a baby book, well it isn’t just the pictures that have a positive effect on the baby but the words as well. By providing your baby with shapes and patterns to focus their eyes on, you are helping them develop the capacity to focus. This will help the child later on when they begin to form logical associations of their own, especially when playing around with puzzles or complex toys.
  • Boosting Imagination – The whimsical nature of baby book stories is guaranteed to help the baby develop a rich imagination over time. Although some people believe that this depends on the parents’ storytelling skills, studies show that this isn’t exactly the case. In fact, the sheer concept of dealing with a relatable yet fictitious subject is enough to aid the baby in boosting their imagination levels. Over time, you will notice that they will begin to pick up on certain words and cue laughter or sadness when hearing you say certain phrases.
  • Developing Empathy – Storytelling also serves as an empathy booster for babies and young children in general. Interestingly enough, several studies were made on the subject and they all show that children who were introduced to stories at a very young age are overall more empathetic than children who were not. This may have something to do with the fact that the stories require the child to associate with the characters in the stories, which in turn has a major effect on developing empathetic mechanisms that will serve the child later on.
  • Expanding Their Understanding – Once the baby is old enough to respond by nodding or making specific noises when prompted, you can begin to ask them questions regarding the story you are reading to them. This way, you can actually maintain a simplistic yet highly useful conversation with the baby, even if it’s in a limited fashion. As soon as the baby showcases any emotions towards the characters in the story, you can proceed by asking them about the characters and their motivations. You will most likely not get a coherent answer, but this is more about the conversation itself and the bonding it involves.

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