10 Best Area Rugs For Kitchens in 2020 – Reviews

This rug not only has a classic b&w design but is also made from high-quality material. It’s manufactured out of cotton and has a white, black and grey buffalo check style that’s reminiscent of classic designs but definitely has a modern edge to it. It can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, living room or entryways, and is easy to maintain. This rug measures 23.6-inches by 51-inches, so it can be placed anywhere it fits. What’s really great about this rug, however, is that it’s manufactured using a handmade process, so each and every rug is slightly different and definitely unique.

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A Guide To Area Rugs For Kitchen Use

Most people are accustomed to rugs of every shape and size being placed all over the home. They’ve seen and/or placed area rugs in their living rooms, their hallways, and even their bathrooms. However, the one place where rugs aren’t seen as frequently is the kitchen—at least, not until recently. Why is that the case? Well, there’s probably a few reasons for that fact, but we think it probably comes down to people’s expectations of function and design of rugs in their home.

The first thing that has made people hesitant in the past of using area rugs in their kitchen is because of the potential of them getting wet. And the second thing that has made people hesitant of buying a kitchen rug is because they think of their kitchen more in terms of its use than a room that deserves aesthetic considerations. And both of these assumptions need serious reconsideration.

Let’s address each of these issues separately. The first one is a fear of ending up with soaked rugs, but using a rug around moist areas is actually a benefit and not a hindrance. They only the homeowner to have a little more traction if they do happen to spill some water around the sink. And if they get soaked, most rugs are machine washable so they can be simply thrown into a washing machine.

The second issue is basically thinking that the kitchen doesn’t deserve the same décor considerations as other parts of the home, which is complete nonsense. The kitchen is a part of your home, so why not treat it as such? Placing a rug in the kitchen can really draw a person’s attention to parts of the kitchen you want people to notice and away from areas that you don’t.

The Benefits Of Kitchen Area Rugs

Below are some of the reasons why placing an area rug in your kitchen is a really good idea. Although not every one of the following points will apply to everyone, the following points do provide a good argument for buying these rugs and placing them in your kitchen.

  • Floor Protection-Rugs prevent floors from becoming scratched and from damage caused by water, especially if they’re strategically located around the kitchen.
  • Dish Protection-Yes, rugs can add a little bit of extra protection for dishes that may be accidentally dropped in the kitchen. This may provide enough cushion to protect them from shattering on purpose.
  • Padding For Chores-The padding provided by a kitchen rug can ease pressure on a person’s lower back while they’re cooking or doing dishes.
  • Add Color To The Room-Kitchens have a tendency of looking somewhat sterile, so a rug can add much-needed color that brings the room alive.

How To Choose Area Rugs For Kitchens

Before anyone can enjoy the above benefits, however, they first have to choose a kitchen area rug that’s suitable for them and their kitchen. With that in mind, we’ve listed some of the things that homeowners should consider before running out and buying a kitchen mat.

Select According To Size

The first thing to keep in mind is the size of the area you want the mat to cover. Kitchen mats placed in front of the sink tend to be anywhere from two to three feet wide. However, some people like to use these rugs underneath kitchen tables or as a runner between appliances and the breakfast island. For accuracy, you should measure the area of the floor that you want to cover and buy an appropriately sized rug.

Consider Rug Material

When buying a rug, it’s important to consider not only the material the rug is made from but also how it’s woven. In many cases, flat weave rugs are probably the best design for kitchens, but they aren’t the only options available to homeowners. Rugs made from polypropylene are usually the easiest to clean because they don’t absorb spills and can usually be wiped down. Cotton or cotton blend rugs may also be a suitable option for the kitchen, but only if they’re an appropriate size to be placed in the washing machine. That makes them easier to clean.

Kitchen Rug Backing

It’s also important to consider the backing of the kitchen rug. Many area rugs made for the kitchen have a non-slip backing, but not all of them do. If the rug that you want doesn’t have a non-slip back, however, that can usually be remedied by purchasing a non-slip rug and placing it under your favorite kitchen area rug.

Keep In Mind The Kitchen’s Decor

And finally, the last thing to consider is how the rug fits in with your kitchen’s décor, which is something that can only be addressed by you. Once you’ve selected the right size rug and made sure it’s easy to clean and doesn’t present a safety hazard, then you can feel free to choose one that’s aesthetically pleasing and ties your kitchen together.

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