10 Best Adidas Shoes in 2020 – Reviews

Featuring the famous shell-toe design, the Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar Fashion Sneakers is one of the most widely worn shoes worldwide. Made from 100% imported leather, these shoes are crafted with a full-grain leather exterior and a rubber cup sole with a herringbone pattern. The shoe includes a synthetic leather lining and includes a shaft that measures 3.2 inches from the arch. Perfect for everyday use, this stylish pair of shoes can be worn with any outfit on account of their ingenious design. Overall, these are some of the best sneakers money can buy at this point in time.

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Finding The Perfect Adidas Shoes

Although most Adidas Shoes are built to the highest industry standards, some are more suited for certain activities than others. At the same time, some Adidas shoes can be expected to be a lot more flexible than others, especially towards the high-end part of the price spectrum. Depending on how they’re built, these shoes can vary in shape, construction, breathability, design, and overall comfort. It is for this reason that you want to take the time and learn as much as you possibly can about what constitutes a decent pair of shoes and what features to look for when buying some.

The Outer

The outer material is perhaps the first thing you should consider when buying a pair of shoes, regardless of the manufacturer. With Adidas shoes, there is a great deal of diversity in that regard, especially among sports shoes. What you want is a pair of shoes that will handle humidity well, yet one that’s made from a breathable material at the same time. In this regard, leather shoes seem to offer the best of both worlds, although they sometimes have their limits when it comes to flexibility.

The Inner

After taking the outer into consideration, you need to take a look at the inner construction of the shoe. You need to do this in order to ensure that the shoe fits well and that it is comfortable when worn over extended periods of time. In this respect, you want the inner to be made from either EVA or memory foam depending on the intended purpose of the shoe itself. This is because these materials can be shaped in a way that provides a tight fit even if you have a peculiar foot shape.

The Design

A lot can be said about choosing a pair of shoes based on design alone, mainly if the design is one that improves your overall comfort when playing sports. Seeing how Adidas mostly makes sports shoes, it makes perfect sense to seek a pair that meets a more athletic set of needs. A running shoe, for example, needs to not only provide good airflow but also to have a decent adherence on almost any surface. This is because people don’t always run on concrete alone, thus the need for a shoe that offers a good grip on rough terrain.

The Sole

The sole of a shoe tells you a lot about the mobility the shoe provides, which is why you want to choose a pair of shoes with suitable soles. For instance, if you’re interested in a jogging shoe, then a rubberized sole is more or less perfect due to its adherence. At the same time, you want the soles to be strong and sturdy in order to provide a fair standard of durability. If you can, check out photos of the shoes you want to buy so that you will see exactly what the soles are all about.

The Construction

As we already pointed out, the material construction of a pair of shoes is essential for the shoe’s longevity. With shoes made by reputable manufacturers, you can expect much longer durability than you would from low-end models. It isn’t just the material and fabrics that determine a shoe’s durability but also the design and overall construction. By paying close attention to the way a shoe is built, you gain a better understanding of what type of toughness and resistance you can expect from the shoe.

The Type

It isn’t just the design that determines the intended purpose of a pair of shoes, but rather the form and general aesthetics. When we talk about the ‘type’ of shoe, we mostly refer to what it was designed for, mainly if it’s for running, exercising, or for casual wearing. With a reputable brand like Adidas, you can expect most shoes to be pleasant to look at. You can also expect most of them to meet the bare minimum standards of sturdiness and durability.

Function Over Form

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a pair of shoes to buy is that aesthetics alone do not determine the overall quality of a shoe. In fact, casual shoes tend to be a lot prettier than sports shoes, yet nowhere nearly as flexible and versatile. That said, you can definitely expect such shoes to deliver better breathability and a design to match. Not just that but they also commonly possess the type of color pattern that enables them to be paired with formal wear. If, however, your only interest in shoes is for training purposes, then, by all means, go for a running shoe of sorts.


It also needs to be said that good shoes must deliver a near-perfect standard of breathability. Whether you want a pair of casual shoes or an exercise-oriented pair of sneakers, you should consider the airflow as a paramount necessity for a modern pair of shoes. Although not something that you should deter you from getting a good-looking pair of shoes, it is definitely something to ponder if you’re interested in something practical with a designated use.

All Things Considered

When you think about how diverse the wide range of Adidas shoes can be, making an educated choice seems essential if you plan on getting the right quality. Even though it may seem a bit confusing at first, if you take the time to consider the construction, design, and breathability of a shoe, you are bound to make a good decision in the end. Seeing how well-built the majority of Adidas shoes are, you can also rest assured that even a pretty pair will meet certain standards of toughness and reliability.

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